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A Hands-On Approach For CHAUVET Professional At USITT

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Ovation E-260WW front photo

ovation-e-260ww-leftSUNRISE, FL – Seeing is believing, and visitors to USITT will have the chance to see (and touch) for themselves the Ovation LED fixtures that have been setting new standards in theatrical lighting since their recent introduction by CHAUVET Professional.  Displays at the company’s booth (1923) will make it easy to have hands-on experience with its groundbreaking Ovation E-260WW and Ovation E-910FC ERS-style fixtures, as well as the new RGBA-Lime batten-style Ovation B-2805FC and Ovation B-565FC fixtures.

“Our USITT booth has been set up to be interactive,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “We’ve accomplished some real breakthroughs with our Ovation line, innovations that make LED stage lighting a reality. A good way to appreciate these new advances is to see them first hand at our USITT booth.”

With an output exceeding that of the leading 750W HPL ellipsoidal, the Ovation E-260WW will be hard for anyone at the conference to miss. USITT visitors who work with this fixture will not only be impressed by its brightness, they’ll also appreciate its extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve, as well as its flat and even field of light. In addition to the standard warm white version of this fixture, CHAUVET Professional will be displaying an IP65-rated outdoor version and a cool white version.

CHAUVET Professional will also be using its USITT booth to showcase the color rendering capabilities of its RGBA-Lime fixtures. The Ovation E-910FC utilizes the full RGBA-Lime system to produce a rainbow of rich colors. It also has color temperature presets of 2800 to 6500 K that match the output of a tungsten source to perfection.

The new Ovation B-2805FC and Ovation B-565FC on display at the CHAUVET Professional booth are the first batten-style fixtures with an RGBA-Lime color-mixing system. Both fixtures have a holographic filter that locks into place for enhanced wall/cyc grazing ability. The two fixtures also offer the flexibility of RDM, Art-Net™, sACN and standard DMX control options. “Our booth is the only place where USITT visitors can see RGBA-Lime batten style fixtures,” said Chauvet. “This is one of many new ideas we are offering in stage lighting.”

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